Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Ready to Rock the Mobile World!


Right now, mobile market is full of different Samsung phones getting huge appreciation of the mobile freaks by facilitating them with wonderful technologies. The handsets of this specific brand has always enriched with several useful features as well as technologies. If you have also decided to purchase the handset of this brand and looking out Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy Phones – The Past…The Present…and The Future!

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The Past: Though Samsung Electronics is considered as royalty as far as unbelievably powerful smartphones are concerned, but they created a benchmark for themselves when they came up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. We didn’t think it possible for another device to be manufactured in the near future which would come close to competing Continue Reading

Update yourself about Galaxy S3 White Pay as you go deals

Galaxy S3 White

Mobile industry is growing gradually by launching new handsets every now and then because of which lot of competition among mobile phones of different brands is seen in the market. At the same time it has become very difficult and sometimes even next to impossible for the buyers to decide for the best and ideal Continue Reading

Know Your Samsung Galaxy S4 – True Importance

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If you are planning to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S4 Contract, or have already purchased one of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Contract Deals, but don’t know exactly what all the hype was all about, then we are here to help you realize the true importance of your purchase. Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung Electronics’ new Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Delayed, Users Cry Woe is Me

If you are one of those who have per-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 and are eagerly waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep, you’ll have to wait a bit more as Samsung Electronics is under deep shit trying to provide enough handsets to meet the unbelievable demand in the UK. This handset was meant Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specs – Gets Jelly Bean Update


The Galaxy S3 Mini is one of the Android phones from Samsung. It is still a widely used mid-budget Android phone in market. Samsung avails Galaxy SIII Mini in many leading countries. In the U.K., one can buy it from T-Mobile as Samsung Dart. Attractive contracts, prices and data plans make it a popular low-range Continue Reading

Top 3 reasons to make you love the Samsung Galaxy S4

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The hype created around Samsung Galaxy S4 is insane, and has led many a thinkers wondering, what’s so special about this phone??? What can it do, that the other phones can’t??? We have not-so-painstakingly gathered 3 of the top features about this on-the-verge-of-being-launched phone, so that your questions finally get answered. 1.)S Health: If you Continue Reading

The Rise of Samsung – Galaxy S4 Top Selling Smartphone

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The number of ardent Samsung smartphone supporters has been increasing day by day even as we speak. Though they were always famous for being a brilliant telecommunication company, their fame crossed all boundaries, and seemed to know no limit when they thought up and then gradually launched the Samsung Galaxy S3, though the predecessors S Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 Farce or Reality???

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When I first learnt about the much-discussed Samsung Galaxy S4, I thought about purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S4 Contract. But then I read a couple of reports where the so called “Experts” were considering this phone just as a gimmick, a farce which has not been played properly, so I had to find out what Continue Reading

Samsung Likely To Revamp Galaxy S2 with A Plus Version

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As Samsung claims it to be, the Galaxy S2 is ‘simply the best’ Android phone. The S2 has been one of the successful Android handsets from Samsung. It has grabbed fame with a gorgeous 4.3-inch display screen, impressive design and good camera. Being a better proof for its market success, the Galaxy S2 is still Continue Reading